KAAG Professional™: Fillet Knife

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Modèle 6½"

79,95$ CAD 57,95 €
$ 79.95

Modèle 8¾" | Technical Specifications

89,95$ CAD 65,95 €
$ 89.95


Rates from Bank of Canada on 2007/10/19

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The knife blade is very sharp and can cause severe injuries. Keep it away from children.
Use gloves for fish cleaning purpose.

You are striving to achieve perfect fillet without getting injured

You probably need a knife that brings you more safety and protect you hands. Use KAAG® Fillet Knife

Features and benefits

1. Highly performant
Obtain perfect and regular fillet
The razor sharp and narrow tapered blade is flexible with a fine tip that makes it easy to work around bones without damaging the surrounding meat

2. Very durable
Keep it for many years
The blade is made from high corrosion resistant and surgical grade stainless steel 440C hardened to 58 Ro and cryogenically treated to hold an sharp edge and enhance its wear resistance

The handle is made from ABS heavy-duty and scratch-proof thermoplastic moulded around the blade for long-lasting use

3. Comfortable and very safe
Helps prevent hand stress and fatigue
The handle shape ensures a firm and perfect grip that helps prevent hand stress and fatigue

Fillet without getting injured
The wave-shaped design on the handle sides prevents the handle from slipping forward while cutting and reduces injury risk

4. Totally hygienic
Prevent fish from bacterial contamination
The handle moulded around the blade creates an impervious seal against bacterial growth reducing fish contamination

5. Appealing design
The fish-shaped design combined with the specially chosen blue colour makes it appear unique, attractive, and easy to find among other things

Other benefits :

  • Clean it safely with mild soap and water or in a dishwasher 
  • Range it with ease in your kitchen
  • Get a Full Limited Warranty