KAAG Professional™: Fish Scissors

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Technical Specifications

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Scissors blades are very sharp and can hurt you if not used properly. Be careful to keep the scissors out of the reach of children

Eating a fish whose delicate flavour is contaminated by bitter acids contained in the viscera is an unpleasant experience.

Gut your fish without piercing the viscera and easily cut off your fins using  KAAG® Fish Scissors

Features and Benefits

1. Highly performant
Get a perfect and easy cut through the fish flesh and the gills
The smooth hollow-grinded and honed blades ensures soft and even cut to open the fish belly or to remove the fish gills.

Get an uncontaminated fish flesh
The convex curved and tapered blade helps keep the viscera underneath while cutting through therefore reducing the risk of piercing them and spreading its bitter acids content inside the fish

Easily cut the fish fins off
The notched blade prevents fins from slipping out while cutting and helps get rid of even the toughest ones

2. Very durable
Keep it for years
The eye rings are made of heavy-duty thermoplastic to ensure it never breaks while in use

The blades made from 440C a high quality corrosion resistant surgical- grade stainless steel specially heat-treated to enhance its wear resistance and to hold an exceptional sharp cutting edge that do not need to be sharpened often

Assembled with a stainless steel screw and a lock nut, they can be adjusted and serviced for many years of use

3. Comfortable and very safe
Prevent fatigue and hand stress
The eye ring are formed so that the hands never tired or hurts and to reduce soreness during repetitive tasks

Well-balanced for the weight of the ring and the blades are evenly distributed so as to reduce hand stress while cutting

4. Totally hygienic
Prevent fish contamination
The plastic handles are moulded around the blades making an impervious seal against bacterial growth

By removing the screw and separating the two handles, they can be easily cleaned so there is no bacterial accumulation

5. Appealing design
The fish-shaped design combined with the specially chosen blue colour makes it appear unique, attractive, and easy to find amoung other things

Other benefits

  • Cut and prepare your poultry and game with ease
  • Cut your braided line and mono or even baits
  • Clean it safely in a dishwasher or with water and mild soap
  • Range it easily on your kitchen counter Full Limited Warranty