KAAG Professional™: Fish Scaler

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The scaler stainless steel serrated edges can hurt you if not used properly.
For a better protection, wear gloves during the cleaning process

Eating or swallowing fish scales can be a very unpleasant experience for your customers, guests, or even for yourself.

Make sure your fish is perfectly scaled and cleaned before cooking using KAAG® Fish Scaler.

Features & Benefits

1. Highly performant
Do it with ease and quickly
With SIX (6) Rows with serrated edges in stainless steel offering 54 contact points on the fish, scale more rapidly and get rid of the toughest scales with ease

Do not miss any scales
Rounded edges are arranged in quincunx pattern for a total coverage of the area to be scaled for a more efficient fish cleaning

Keep the fish aesthetically appealing
Scraper edges have been rounded using the latest precision laser technology for less aggressiveness so that they don’t tear and damage the fish skin 

2. Very durable
Keep it for years of use
The handle is moulded around the scraper to form an indestructible and long-lasting monobloc structure

The handle is made from heavy duty thermoplastic and the scraper from high corrosion resistant Food and Marine grade stainless steel impervious to acids, chlorines and marine salt

3. Comfortable and very safe
Get an easy and firm grip
The handle designed so as to follow the hand shape offers a  more comfortable grip preventing the scaler from slipping out of the hand

Prevent repetitive-use injuries and others
Well-balanced and lightweight, it requires less use of the wrist therefore reducing effort and fatigue to a minimum but also, the stress that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CST) or other repetitive-use injuries such as tendinitis.

The angled-handle helps keep your hand above the fish and away from the nasty and sometimes infectious spines but also helps prevent scraped knuckles 

4. Totally hygienic
Protect your health
The seamless join between the scraper and the handle do not offer space for bacterial growth reducing risk of fish contamination  thereby conforming to the very highest international legal requirement concerning food hygiene

5. Clean
Prevent scales from scattering
The closed structure of the scaler helps keep most of the removed scales underneath between the rows preventing them to fly over your face, clothes and dirty the working area 

6. Appealing design
The combination and coherence of its fish-shaped design and the specially selected blue colour makes it appear unique, very attractive, and easy to find among other things

Others benefits :

  • Use it whether you are a left or right handed user
  • Use it anywhere indoors or outdoors
  • Clean it easily using water and mild soap or safely in a dishwasher
  • Get a Full Limited Warranty